Moonrise Festival Evacuated as Organizers Sew Confusion

Moonrise Festival

This weekend was a rough one for weather related cancellations. At the same time that Shambala was forced to evacuate and cancel its Sunday festivities due to wildfire threats, Moonrise Festival in Maryland is also being forced to deal with inclement weather. Reports are unclear at this time whether Moonrise is still on or not.

Heavy storms initially caused Moonrise to call for a temporary stop in the festival while the weather passed over. There appears to be some confusion that the festivities might be back on for the closing sets tonight. Our team on the ground has indicated that the festival is back on but there has been no announcement of set time changes, though the schedule is clearly altered. REZZ has taken the stage reportedly. The festival organizers have not been giving official statements, so at this point it is unclear whether the festival was canceled and evacuated or not. We will update if the festival makes any formal announcement.