Marshmello – Love U


Marshmello – Love U

Mellogang, get ready to hear the release of Marshmello’s new single called “Love U“. This charming song will have you feeling some type of way but at the same time get you pumped and excited! The track is filled with a trap genre, catchy vocals, and insane drops. Marshmello is always bringing his A-game that will definitely have his fans in love with this thrilling hit.

“Love U” begins with high pitched vocals that play throughout the entire song. It includes additional beats as the song progresses, a fast pace tempo and a banging drop! Marshmello goes all out with his drops that you can hear the rhythm of the bass booming. Some fans say this mix reminds them of the old Marshmello, but whatever song he produces, we’ll always show mad love and support!

Catch Marshmello on tour if you can’t wait to hear this song live! You can also stream the track on SoundCloud and download it for free.

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