Jai Wolf’s Video for “Indian Summer” Will Awaken Your Wanderlust

jai wolf
If we were asked to come up with a list of the best feel-good electronic hits, without a question, Jai Wolf‘s ‘Indian Summer‘ would make the top of the list. Jai Wolf’s transcendent hit is one of those songs that evokes an indescribable sense of joy, leaving a lasting imprint even once the song is over. It structures leads with a bold cinematic opening, intensifying greater as the song progresses. Maybe this is why the song was (appropriately) included in last year’s Netflix-produced EDM movie XOXO. Indian Summer’ provided a romantic backdrop to the feature-length film about chasing your dream at a music festival.


The spirit of adventure lives on in the official music video just released by Jai Wolf. The stunning music video is everything you’d imagine ‘Indian Summer’ would look like. The storyline follows the protagonist as he embarks on a solo journey across breath-taking landscapes, and along the way forging friendships in every place he touches. Despite meeting all sorts of interesting people along the way, the man remains unbound by one single destination — instead driven by the spirit of his inner wanderlust. The music video itself is work of visual art, but the actor does an incredible job at evoking the pure-hearted sense for adventure that we all possess. Perhaps this video will inspire you to pack your bags and set forth on your own adventure. Watch “Indian Summer” below. You can also catch Jai Wolf this weekend at Lollapalooza and Hard Summer.