Holy Ship! 2018 Lineups Have Arrived

holy Ship! 18
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Holy Ship! ’18 Lineups Already Making Waves

Despite the polarizing effect brought on by the Gary Richards and Live Nation falling out, those fans most faithful to Holy Ship!—”Ship Fam”—at last have a lineup to show for. Live Nation does not disclose the lineup at the point-of-sale and imposes a non-retractable purchase policy. This move left many blindsided members of the Ship Fam to boycott the event under the #NoGaryNoShip tag. Without Gary on board for 2018, it left attendees wondering if the lineup would be affected by his absence.

Holy Ship! sets sail on January 6 from Port Canaveral, FL, the first weekend—then once again on January 10th. Dedicated fans could very well stay on the boat for the entirety of the festivities if they purchased tickets for both weekends. From Dirtybird beach parties to Night Bass ragers, we wouldn’t mind taking an extra week off work to party both weekends.

If you’re lucky enough to be setting sail on this epic cruise, you can gather inspiration for your packing playlists with the lineups below.

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