Headhunterz – Destiny (Official Video)


Headhunterz – Destiny

Defqon.1 was a pretty big deal for hardstyle fans this year. Aside from the fact that it’s normally is a big deal, this year hardstyle’s golden boy Headhunterz took to the stage to officially announce his return to hardstyle. He later confirmed his feelings out in a heartfelt Facebook post to all of his fans. And while at Defqon.1, he dropped his brand new track, ‘Destiny‘. Naturally, it was fittingly epic to mark his epic return.

And today, he dropped the official music video for the track. At its core, ‘Destiny’ is about his journey from and back to the music that he loves. This video is a well produced cinematic portrayal of just that. It opens up with a scene of him being forced to watch/listen to bigroom house while locked up and tied to chair. As the intro to ‘Destiny’ kicks in, he breaks out. On his way out he encounters men who want to stop him, but he perseveres and fights his way through. It’s quite clear that this music is his destiny. Check out the video below.