Galactic Marvl Remix

DJ Snake – Here Comes The Night (Galactic Marvl Remix)

Galactic Marvl, the anonymous producer who has been making waves recently, breathes new life into this DJ Snake track. While ‘Here Comes The Night‘ is a track that has had many successful remixes, this one is from outer space. In the past, Galactic Marvl has a released superb remix of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers. The producer also made some noise this past month with the release of his/her collaboration with Gramatik on the track ‘Voyager Twins‘.

This remix is definitely unique and worth a listen. The track opens with a guitar melody that slowly fades out into the buildup. The buildup is necessary to build the spaced out and futuristic tone of the track. The drop is reminiscent of the movie Tron mixed with a sprinkle of Porter Robinson. Progressive synths move the track along and a nice spacey drum pattern accents the synths to produce a very theatrical drop. Listen to the track below and be prepared for lift off.

DJ Snake – Here Comes The Night (Galactic Marvl Remix) | Free Download