Diplo Shares Video for ‘Biggest Bollywood Collab in History’

Mad Decent head honcho and DJ/producer Diplo took an unexpected creative dive recently that no one would’ve ever expected. He ventured into the Bollywood world with a collaboration with Pritam titled ‘PHURR‘. It marks the first official project Diplo has created specifically for a Bollywood Film which is called, Jab Harry Met Sejal, a take off the classic film When Harry Met Sally.

NEW DELHI Composer Pritam revealed how the song “Phurrr” came in to fruition with American DJ-record producer Diplo for the Imtiaz Ali directorial “Jab Harry Met Sejal”.

“We met somewhere last year and Diplo gave us a bunch of tracks, saying that we could choose any of them. They were just instrumental tracks without any composition or melody, Imtiaz shortlisted one track, he felt that the production and vibe of the track will go very well in a particular situation. So, I had to compose the song on the instrumental Diplo had made.” Once Pritam had the composition in place, lyricist Irshaad Kamil came up with the phrase “Phurrr”.

Later, singer Mohit Chauhan and additional vocalist Tushar Joshi came on board and sang the song, which has been put behind a paywall for 24 hours across Thursday and Friday.

After a lot of teasers popped around online, we finally have the chance to see the full video today. It is what one would come to expect from Diplo, fire foreign cars, some dabbing here and there plus some beautiful women dancing around seductively. Pritam is featured throughout the video singing along his now signature vocal hook. Check out the video below!