Read: Denny’s vs. “Diplo” In Some Hilarious Tweets

It all began when “Diplo” and his record label Mad Decent noticed that the twitter account of popular dine-in restaurant chain, Denny’shad possibly borrowed a bit of #MondayMotivation from the label’s twitter account.

What seemed like fun and jokes at first then quickly escalated.

and if that wasnt enough, that’s when “Diplo” or say the secondary account created to help promote the upcoming series, “What Would Diplo Do?” decided to chime in and spread some words himself. Denny’s didn’t hold back either.

Prompting some even more hilarious tweets from “Diplo.”

and if that wasn’t enough, Denny’s was ready with the Potato clapbacks!

But “Diplo” couldnt be left behind in the fight with some words of his own.

For more of the hilarious tweets and to see other funny “Diplo” clapbacks, feel free to check out the DJ’s twitter here and be sure to tune in for the premier of “What Would Diplo Do?” which is sure to be a hilarity in itself!