De Hofnar & Elior (feat. Joe Killington) – Little Love

De Hofnar and Elior are proud to release their latest single called “Little Love“. Featuring Joe Killington, this new track includes catchy lyrics that bring forth a positive message. Released by Armada Deep, fans will get a kick out of the smooth and relaxing melody. The deep house song is upbeat that it will feel contagious to spread a little love and joy.

“Little Love” is the type of track that is easy to vibe to the sounds. Its chill rhythm and tempo intertwine well with the male vocals. As the song progresses, you will hear the continuous beats that you can pick up on shuffling. The guitar rhythms give a soulful feel that compliment the track. Overall, this collaboration was truly a success as it produced such a unique mix that’s hard not to love.

Take a listen to it below on SoundCloud.

De Hofnar & Elior (feat. Joe Killington) – Little Love Stream/Buy