We all dream of having the perfect wedding. To some people, this means a fairytale themed venue, to others, it means booking a celebrity performer. How about if The Chainsmokers performed at your wedding? That’s exactly what happened this weekend when Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers attended their best friend’s wedding in Philadelphia.

The Chainsmokers, along with their manager and significant others, attended a wedding together at the Rittenhouse Hotel this past weekend. While there, Alex and Drew decided to do a surprise performance and hopped on stage to sing their hit song ‘Paris‘ alongside the band LA Starz. The whole performance was recorded by a fellow wedding attendee but sadly, the video has since been taken down.

Would you like The Chainsmokers to perform at your wedding or do you think that steals the spotlight from the bride and groom? Let us know in the comments.

Wedding Crashers 💍

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