Borgore Releases ‘Savages’ Music Video on Pornhub

If you follow Borgore on any of his social media platforms, you’ll know that he loves his women, especially when they are undressed. His music videos typically feature girls bouncing their asses while wearing very skimpy bathing suits. After countless videos dedicated to asses, Borgore figured he would change things up and devote some time to a different region of the female body.

The trap DJ released music video for his track ‘Savages‘ today. But unlike your usual music videos, you won’t be able to find this one on YouTube. Borgore’s latest music video was so racy that it had to be released on the infamous pornographic site, Pornhub. The video features topless girls with pasties juggling their breasts while paint splashes on their body. My description doesn’t come close to doing the video justice so just check out the full music video below. One thing is for sure though, ‘Savages’ will definitely be Borgore’s most popular music video yet.