That Big EDC Announcement is Coming in Two Weeks

Exciting News about EDC Vegas will be announced in a few coming weeks. Pasquale once again took to Instagram Live to dish on a variety of topics. The announcement focuses on improving EDC Las Vegas’s transportation system which has been one of the festival’s downfalls for a few years. Insomniac has been satisfied with the operations and production of the festival itself, but travel, especially leaving the festival, is the problem the company seeks to correct. He doesn’t want to announce anything officially until all of the changes are in place.

Pasquale Rotella is already letting us know that EDC will not move to 2 weekends and will not be changing the experience inside the festival.EDC is also making sure people know it will always be a dance music festival, saying you won’t be seeing hip-hop on the main lineup although DJs can bring out cameos if they want. Rotella emphasized quality over quantity of festivals, shutting down discussion of EDC New York returning.

Rumors have also been going around about Insomniac underperforming last year.  The company downsized Nocturnal Wonderland from a three day festival and limited the capacity and size. Insomniac is attempting to make Nocturnal Wonderland return to its roots and become a more boutique and intimate festival. This is part of the company’s effort to desaturate the festival market and focus more on ‘quality not quantity‘. Pasquale also addressed Hard Summer founder Gary Richards leaving Hard for LiveStyle, as the two have had some bad blood lately. Rotella confirmed that Insomniac actually owned HARD for the previous few years, but let it operate on its own.

Improving the ‘quality’ of EDC Las Vegas could include package deals with certain hotels that will have their own shuttle. Travel packages that include air plane packages will not be an option for EDC Las Vegas simply because U.S. airlines can not work in that way. It will be exciting to see how Insomniac plans to address the issue of travel to and from the festival. If corrected the festival’s upgraded experience will make more people return and result in record high turnouts.