A Detailed Look At Burning Man’s Expensive Total Cost


August is upon us which means burners from around the world are gearing up and getting ready for this years Burning Man. Burning Man which is a nine day event of focusing on an experiment of community and art and promoting the ten principles of radical inclusion, self-reliance self-expression, community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy, and leaving no trace. The annual event held in the man-made city called Black Rock City is not a cheap investment or trip to take. After all, the event is a test of sustainability.

DJ Mag compiled a list of what it will actually cost you to attend the event. Their list includes travel, food, survival supplies, toy/decor, and camping costs.

Travel is estimated to cost you around $1000-$1100 with $450 spent on tickets,
$427 on airfare, $80 on a vehicle pass, and $130 for a car rental (or $800 four-day RV rental).

DJ Mag selected a diverse amount of snacks and drinks for the food cost estimate. It totaled around $320 and included pop-tarts, beer, ice, beef jerky, trail mix, water, and groceries.

Survival Supplies are essential in the dusty atmosphere of Black Rock City and they will cost you over $220. Suggested items included first aid kits, sunscreen, duct tape, lanterns, extra gas for your car, and dust masks/goggles.

Of course what fun what a festival be without costumes and adornments. Dj Mag estimated $360 for the Toy and Decor portion of their list including a used bike and solar lights in that section. Camping, which everyone does at Burning Man, will cost you around $230 and includes bringing a camp stove, tent, sleeping bag, and portable shower.

DJ Mag’s estimated total cost came out to $2,218. A price that would sure take a lot of planning and saving for most festival attendees. However according to other burners, some of the costs were off. Car rental and RV rental costs are much higher than quoted ranging at $400-$800 per SUV and $1500-$3500 for a van/RV rental. Not too mention there are additional cleaning costs companies charge for cars coming from Burning Man. Plane ticket prices fluctuate as well with the possibility of costing much more than $427 depending on your home location. With these extra costs taken into consideration the total cost could actually be closer $3,000.

Burning Man is expected to have over 70,000 attendees at this year edition. The event focusing on various forms of self expression began in 1986 on Baker Beach and continues to grow into a cultural phenomenon matched by no other. Just make sure you’ve saved up enough and come well prepared for the temporary artistic metropolis.

Source: DJ Mag, Burning Man