iPhone 8 Software Interface Comes Into View

The Apple iPad has a new interface coming to it and we’ve found out the iPhone 8 will feature this update as well. The new phone is rumored to not have a home button anymore, something that has been on every iPhone since the first. Instead a floating dock above a thin bar on the screen will act like a home button and will be where you slide to unlock. When on the home screen the bar can be swiped up to reveal more or you can hide it. Developer Guilherme Rambo has provided pictures to give us an idea of what things will look like.

It doesn’t look too different from our screens now but the biggest change is there will no longer be a physical button. Other software updates like a tap to wake feature, 3D Facial recognition and more are rumored too. The screen is supposed to be a 5.8 inch OLED display which is an upgrade over the last one. Everything on the iPhone 8 is supposed to be bigger and better than all the previous iPhones models so we will have to wait and see if Apple lives up to the hype.