Watch DJ Hanzel, Preston & Becky React To ‘Say Less’ Music Video

DJ Hanzel Dillon FrancisDillon Francis, notorious for his hilarious Snapchat & Instagram stories in which he showcases day to day blogs and random videos dedicated to narrating whatever he seems to be doing in his day to day life, had dropped a week ago his new music video for the banger, ‘Say Less‘ which got a bunch of likes and hilarious reactions to the super crazy video in which saw Dillon go undercover as a DEA Agent along with a cameo from co-star Luke Hemsworth.

Dillon has now uploaded a special reaction video in which he reenacts his 3 infamous, hilarious personas, DJ Hanzel, the ultimate deep house DJ, Becky, the superfan stereotypical white girl & Preston, the hilarious angsty teen who is always down for a good scene show in what is an absolute hilarity having all three give their take on the G-Eazy & Dillion Francis banger.

Make sure to watch the incredibly funny video and head on over to the youtube page to vote for your favorite persona’s reaction in the comments below!

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