Umii Gets ‘Dangerous’ With Groovy New Single


Umii Gets ‘Dangerous’ With Groovy New Single

Umii has flown out of the gates swinging with two hit singles off their forthcoming EP, This Time. The group is comprised of R&B artist Reva DeVito and funk pioneer B. Bravo.In the beginning of May, the duo released the first single Masquerade, which was an R&B masterpiece with a wavy music video to follow.

Umii just released their second single titled ‘Dangerous‘ which is a bit more of an upbeat track compared to ‘Masquerade’. Producer B. Bravo took a bit more of a disco approach on this, while Reva laid down her unique and sultry vocals per usual.

‘Dangerous’ is the second single off the This Time EP which is due at the end of the month via Fresh Selects. Stream it below or via Soundcloud and keep an ear out for the rest of the record.

Umi – Dangerous