Skrillex Has Upcoming Track with Poo Bear


News has leaked of a new Skrillex track that is to be released soon. Skrillex has collaborated with Grammy Award winning producer Poo Bear AKA Jason Boyd to bring you ‘Would You Ever’. A sample of the track has been leaked showing a pounding beat and Skrillex’s signature chopped up vocals.  Although the date of its release is still up in the air Poo Bear had incorrectly tweeted that it was to be released Wednesday.

Skrillex will be making ‘Would You Ever’ his second collaboration of the year as he collaborated with Habstrakt for ‘Chicken Soup’. The new track will take the talents of Poo Bear who has worked with some of the top pop artists of the industry. Poo Bear has co-written several of Justin Beiber’s hits including ‘Where Are Ü Now’.

Among other exciting Skrillex news is a reunion with Dogblood for Hard Summer in August. News and Rumors of a possible new Skrillex album have been floating around on Reddit as well. It is only a matter of time till we get witness some highly anticipated new music from the him.
would you ever