Lost Frequencies
Last week we got the opportunity to sit down with the extremely talented Lost Frequencies at Pinknic Festival in New York City. We discussed his recent gigs as well as upcoming tracks and potential future collaborations. Check out the full interview below.

So you just closed out EDC Las Vegas last week, what was the experience like and where does that rank amongst the accomplishments in your career so far?

LF – Well it’s funny because I was really scared because everybody was playing really hard music and I play a little bit less harder than those guys. But when i came up and I started to play my music, everybody in the crowd was having a really good time and I was having an amazing time. And then afterwards, I was getting a lot of amazing feedback so I am really happy about this experience. EDC Las Vegas this year was my first time and it was a really cool festival so I am really looking forward to hopefully playing next year. And I’m really happy to do that because I think I created a lot of new fans thanks to that DJ set so I am really happy about the whole EDC Las Vegas.

That’s awesome! Just a fun question, most DJs have their own unique pre-show ritual, do you have one of your own?

LF – Usually if I am at a nightclub, I like to drink gin and tonic but today is really laid-back so I’m not going to start the day off with gin and tonic, I’m just drinking some beers right now.

The Pinknic Festival ambiance is slightly different from usual nightclubs and music festivals you perform at, what is the most unique event you have ever performed at?

LF – I did some other weird stuff also, I did a beach party with a 200 person capacity, it was completely packed and it was a really crazy ambiance.  It is a VIP thing but it was not a VIP ambiance at all, everybody was going crazy. It was a really cool ambiance, because we were like 20 meters from the sea and people were dancing in the sea. It was in Corsica in Europe. It was really nice!

You recently joined Alex and Drew (The Chainsmokers) on their Moment’s Do Not Open Tour, what was it like touring with The Chainsmokers?

LF – First of all, those guys are really nice, and their show was really cool also. It was really nice and funny because there was a lot of music from the album that i listened to and since I saw the show like ten times, now I am a really big fan of all their music. I have also toured with other DJs and sometimes the DJs are dicks, their whole crew is pissed and stuff like that so the ambiance backstage is really awkward but here the guys are just so relaxed and everybody in the crew is really relaxed, everybody is making jokes all the time, there’s no stress and you feel that the whole tour was really great.

So besides The Chainsmokers, who are other DJs you enjoyed touring with?

LF – I loved to touring with Martin Garrix because Martin is really nice also, really nice guy, and I also like to be on tour with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike because they are from Belgium and usually they attract a lot of Belgian crowds. Since I am from Belgium too so a lot of people know me also, it gets a really good ambiance so yeah there’s a few DJs I really like to tour with.

You recently released the remix of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Malibu’, what other new music can we expect from you this year?

LF – So yeah, I just released my ‘Malibu’ remix which was really cool to do actually. And I released an album last year in October, and I actually did a remix of every track on the album which will be more clubby, more festival sounding. It’s going to be released in in one month. And before that I will be releasing a Drum ‘n’ Bass track with Netsky because we did a track together. I’m more of a chill guy and he’s more like a drum and bass so we did like a crossover track and I think it sounds really nice so I am really looking forward to that.

How did your collaboration with Netsky, ‘Here With You‘ come to be and what can you tell me more about the collaboration?

LF – I met Netsky a year and a half ago at a festival in Austria in Europe because I was playing there and he was playing there and he’s from Belgium and I was a really big fan of his before. So I sent him a tweet saying “Hey I’m there, lets meet up!” and he arrived during my DJ set and after my DJ set we talked and had fun partying together so i became close with him. And then a few months later, I saw him again at an awards show. He was there and I was there and I talked to him a few minutes and then I talked to him a lot on Whatsapp and stuff like that and then we decided to make a track together. I went with him to the studio but it’s funny because he is really more heavy drum and bass and I am more like really relaxed deep house vibe so we didn’t really know what to do. But we had a really top line of a girl Amy singing and so we worked on that and now we have the guitar part that starts really laid-back and then it goes into a little bit more “bassy” so I am really happy about the final result because it is a good mix between me and him so I think it will be really nice.

Are there any vocalists you would like to work with?

LF – I would love to work with CeeLo Green because he is really funky he is really groovy, that would be crazy. And I am also a really big fan of James Blunt, so maybe that would be nice.

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