Lil Jon Released a Video for His Aggressive Track ‘In the Pit’

Lil John In The Pit

A few weeks ago we covered possibly the most aggressive and violent song released in dance music to date. A song so aggressive, in fact, that some nightclub owners don’t even want it played in their clubs. That song was, ‘In the Pit’, a track put together by Lil Jon and Skellism featuring Terror Bass.  The whole theme of the tune is to get LIT AF and cause as much destruction as possible.

Well we now have the music video for that track and…well….it’s just as violent as expected.  The video opens in a junkyard in Mexico City because, of course it does.  Not sure if the video was actually filmed in Mexico City as the video transitions from causing massive destruction and breaking shit in that junkyard.  And then goes directly into clips of mosh pits and frenzies of people losing their absolute minds.

So much of this track and video don’t make sense.  Would this song still be considered EDM?  Or is Lil Jon repeating what he did with hip hop in the early 2000’s?  Check out the video if you need motivation for your next riot and let us know what you think!