Lane 8 – March Of The Forest Cat

Lane 8 – March Of The Forest Cat

You know when you love an artist, listen to their mixtapes, see their live sets, and find a track ID you become obsessed with but it remains to be an unreleased mystery? Well fans of Lane 8, we’ve got that hidden gem for you. It’s called ‘March Of The Forest Cat‘ and it was definitely worth the wait. The long awaited tune from the talented DJ/producer is exactly what you want and much, much more.

The contagious mind spinning beat is filled with a wide range synth, dark, and deep sounds. By the end of the song, you will feel like you’ve been transported into an uplifting world where Lane 8 is the curator of that insane vibe you feel. ‘March Of The Forest Cat’ is a bit more club-centric for Lane 8, but it dives into his diverse set of talents and aptness to make anything he touches into pure, progressive gold.

Music is this magical entity that can make us feel differently- we have the ability to choose what and when we want to feel. ‘March Of The Forest Cat’ is one of those tracks that I will have on every playlist I have because it can be fit for any mood, occasion, or setting.

If you want to see what Lane 8 has to offer in a live performance, his This Never Happened Summer Gatherings are an innovative concert experience that is truly unique and one of a kind. Be sure to catch one of them if you can because videos of the shows will not be found anywhere since it is a phone free environment. Lane 8 never ceases to amaze and we can’t wait to see what he surprises us with next. Listen to ‘March Of The Forest Cat’ below and take a peek at the dates for his This Never Happened Summer Gatherings.

This Never Happened Summer Gatherings
TNH Colorado @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre: Saturday 29th July
TNH NYC @ The Well: Saturday 9th September
TNH SF @ Secret Warehouse: Saturday 23rd September
TNH SF @ Secret Warehouse: Saturday 24rd September

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