Unknown Producer Rips Off Kayzo’s Hit Song

kayzoKayzo Blasts Unknown Producer on Twitter For Stealing Song

As time progresses and the EDM scene becomes more appealing, the number of producers following their dream is increasing. With that, competition arises and things can take a negative turn. From using the same sounds, to the same samples, and even copying the whole song. We have seen it happen with Getter, and now Kayzo and Riot fell as a victim of plagiarism.

Kayzo, known for his huge drops and interesting melodies, took to Twitter with an unknown producer who ripped off his whole song, ‘Wake Up’. It was a short exchange between the two, but the unknown producer could not defend himself because he clearly was in the wrong. Check out the tweets below.




Taking another producer’s art and copying it and uploading it as your own is a cardinal sin in the industry. There is a fine line to where you can use the term “PLUR”, buddy.

Compare the two below.

KAYZO x RIOT – Wake Up: