Rumor: EDC Vegas Could Be Planning a Big Move

EDC Vegas

File this one under completely unfounded rumors, but bear with us anyway. Several weeks back, we all heard that Insomniac Head Pasquale Rotella was contemplating some major changes for EDC Vegas. We know that transportation is a major issue and that tickets did not sell out for the first time in many years. This news from Pasquale kicked off a firestorm of speculation, and yet no information has been forthcoming. One of the only things we know for sure is that EDC Las Vegas will stay in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t completely eliminate a move. Insomniac’s current contract with the Speedway runs until around 2021.

The Rumor

EDC Vegas
Site of the Las Vegas Stadium.

A Reddit user recently posted a fascinating rumor about EDC. He claims to know people constructing the new $2B Las Vegas football stadium, and says that EDC Vegas is listed as an event set to take place there although there was no time given for that. For those who don’t know, the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and getting a brand new stadium on the strip to go with them. The stadium will be built on a 62 acre property near the Mandalay Bay Hotel. However it will not be completed until sometime in 2020.

Artist rendering of a new Las Vegas Raiders stadium. (Courtesy of Manica Architecture)

Why It Seems Feasible

Yeah yeah, we’ve heard these dumb rumors before, but EDC will never leave the Speedway! Well, there are actually many reasons why this could become a reality from a logical standpoint. While EDC Vegas currently gets to use a 1200 acre complex, a downsize to 62 acres is not impossible. Ultra Music Festival in Miami takes place in Bayfront Park, which is a mere 32 acres. Ultra is at the same massive scale of EDC with half the space. Sure this might be more compact, but it would alleviate traffic and transport issues and it would give EDC an urban setting. Imagine EDC taking place with a skyline view surrounding it.

This also fits with Insomniac’s current downsize trend, starting with the upcoming Nocturnal festival. EDC could be slightly downsized and return to sell out status again, with the added benefit of fewer people and square miles to monitor by the health and safety teams. With a slightly smaller EDC in a different property that is not being used over the Summer, a back to back EDC Vegas could very well become a reality.

Obviously this comes with a truckload of salt, but it’s interesting to think about. What would you think about this kind of move? Sound off in the comments.