Dillon Francis

Dillon FrancisDillon Francis known for his entertaining personality, posting comedy shorts to his Snapchat. His sense of humor flows into his Twitter and other social media platforms. ‘Say Less’ was his latest release with G-Eazy and Dillon used his social media to get everyone hyped about the music video. Dillon re-tweeted lots of fans who were excited for the music video release date but there were some who complained, leading him to take absence from social media.


Prior to the release of the ‘Say Less’ music video, Dillon hosted a viewing at YouTube Space Los Angeles. For those unable to make it, Dillon still wanted to make an effort to connect and tweeted he would be replying YouTube comments on 7/14 at 7a.m. PST.

On Snapchat, Dillon loudly declared his excitement for the music video release and told fans to use a new function on the app that would take them to the YouTube video if they swiped up. Apparently some people had a difficult time getting the swipe up function to work. Dillon complained that they needed to update their Snapchat app and “stop being dumb”. With so much conversation about the music video release across all his social media platforms, someone was bound to complain.

A day after the release, Dillon was pushed to his limits on social media. The tweet that set Dillon off is now deleted, but in his response, Dillon explained why he was talking so much about it. After pouring hours of work into the song and the video, he was proud of his efforts and just wanted to share an entertaining video with his followers. Even though he had support from fans recognizing the effort behind the video and that he had bragging rights, Dillon was on the edge.

Dillon announced that he would be taking a break from social media for the rest of the year. It has just been a few days but his social media accounts are indeed silent. Even though this break is not indefinite, fans are already missing him. With luck the supportive messages will bring him back and fans won’t have to wait till the end of the year for some more funny snaps featuring Dillon’s other comedic personalities and Gerald.