Deadmau5 Drops ‘Midas’ Heel’ During Livestream

While DJ and producer Deadmau5 typically is on nonstop tour mode, he teased an 80s-like sound on his Instagram which will not surprise nor disappoint hardcore mau5 fans.  In addition to teasing his fans with an 80s-like sound, he added his new track ‘Midas’ Heel’ on his livestream.

Not so surprising, ‘Midas’ Heel’, has all the signatures of a Deadmau5 track. It has the deep dirty dub sound typically attributed to Deadmau5, along with stuttered and chopped up bass with samples of scratching and other percussion sounds that one would assume is to be signature of his music. The track is, however, a bit dark compared to the very and often melodic orchestrated sound listeners might be used to hearing, however, still has all the markings of an amazing hit.

One Reddit user said the new song sounded “clubbed to death” feel and apparently took a nice shot at The Chainsmokers. Regardless of the rants that people have against Deadmau5, he always surprises fans and the EDM community with new choppy sounds and a style that seems to continue to evolve.

You can listen to ‘Midas’ Heel’ via YouTube below.