Tim Legend Follows Up Viral Debut Single with Infectious Tune ‘Quicksand’ ft. Colin Dieden

Most of us can’t say we’ve had a viral record with over 40 million streams that led to a major labor deal. Most of us can’t say we were able to do all that before the ripe age of 18, either.

Tim Legend, is an exception to the above. South Carolina’s wunderkind has jumped onto the scene what seemingly felt like overnight, after his debut single ‘Hope’ was well-received by Spotify fans and tastemakers. “Naomi (the vocalist) recorded the song in one take on her iPhone in her car and sent me the vocals. I tossed the vocals over my instrumental the same night and the rest was basically history,” Tim recalls. The record was originally an independent release before Ultra picked it up 6 months into it’s release after they saw the potential.

Today, Tim returns to the spotlight with his first official Ultra release: Quicksand. The single features an infectious alternative pop topline by The Mowgli’s lead singer, Colin Dieden. Tim razzles and dazzles the production with a synth-infused drop complemented by a retro take on your typical chord progression.

“I’ve been a big fan of what Calvin Harris has been putting out recently ahead of his album release and carried that inspiration into this record’s production. I’ve been wanting to mix alternative rock with my style of dance music for a while now and knew this was the right opportunity as soon as Colin and Nick (our co-writer/producer) played the topline for me. Alternative music has always had a special place in my heart and I really feel like this track will take this crossover to new heights, I hope the best for it.”

Stream the record below and grab your copy here.

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