Mija Releases The First Installment Of Her Short Film Soundtrack

DJ/Producer Mija is a force to be reckoned with. Her ambition and never ending innovation in regards to her work is nothing short of impressive. Now, she is launching forward with a new short film project. Mija’s short film is titled Time Stops and is accompanied by a self-produced soundtrack released on her own imprint Never B Alone.

This is the first of four installments that are set to be released throughout the summer until the film premiere later this year. The title track ‘Time Stops’ was given an early release through the Adult Swim Singles Series. Each track is hauntingly chilling with a synth filled techno sound. The songs speak on Mija’s ability to blend genres and sounds effortlessly into something new.

Time Stops was directed Los Angeles filmmaker Ryan Forever, who was also behind her ‘Secrets’ music video that released earlier this year, and animation done by David Dutton of 8-Bit Cinema. Stay tuned for more updated on her latest project and listen to the first installment of the Time Stops soundtrack below!