Kygo Assists a Fan With the Engagement of a Lifetime at EDC Las Vegas 2017


Many ravers from around the world can only dream about being proposed to while dancing and singing their hearts out to their favorite artist. The magic that would fill the air in that moment would be indescribable! Kevin, a true romantic, wanted to make his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Rose, feel that sublime electricity.

It all began when Kevin had bid on the opportunity to propose on stage in the Insomniac Events’ EDC Week Charity Auction. As fate wanted, he was informed that he was chosen to pull off one of the most legendary proposals that Electric Daisy Carnival has ever seen!

With the help of the young Norwegian chart-climber, Kygo, and his hardworking team, Kevin spent nine months ensuring that the highly anticipated moment would become one that everyone would never forget.

When that day finally arrived, Kevin, Kygo, and his team were ready to put on an epic show for the large audience that would be sure to make them ‘Stay’.

Escorted backstage, the loving couple stood and patiently waited. An anxious but excited Kevin accompanied the still oblivious Kaitlyn as they waited for the special moment to commence.

“I thought I was being taken to meet Kygo,” Kaitlyn explained. “Kevin knows he’s my favorite DJ and he didn’t say anything about it during the whole trip, but then he was like, ‘Come here, come here!’ He took me off the Sky Deck was like, ‘I have a surprise for you…we’re going to go and meet Kygo.’ I asked how he pulled it off and he said, ‘Oh, we went to headquarters and planned it.’”

“Don’t look at them because she still has absolutely no idea,” a backstage staff member quietly insisted as he didn’t want the others around to ruin the upcoming surprise.

Kevin had previously disclosed that he had bought a ring, but it wasn’t until they were being escorted on stage that Kaitlyn began to be suspicious.

The ecstatic couple danced and kissed as they enjoyed Kygo’s set on stage. They shared one last kiss before Kevin went down on one knee and pulled out the beautiful ring. To Kaitlyn and the audience’s amazement, Kevin stole the show as he proposed.

Kaitlyn took a moment to step back, as the crowd loudly cheered, and replied by frantically nodding yes and then running to her new fiancé!

“EDC Las Vegas, this couple right here just got engaged, make some noise!” Kygo happily erupted.

That night, there were not only fireworks in the sky, but also in everyone’s hearts. Simply magical.