Kayzo & Wuki – WAYZO

Up and coming American producers Kayzo and Wuki have joined forces for what is set to be a hit for all those who love big drops. Their latest release ‘WAYZO’ – the third release in Wuki’s label, wukileaks – is pure gold.

The new track shows a unique fusion between dubstep, trap and bass. This genre combination mixed with an overriding anthemic vocal will get you on the dance floor jumping, or perhaps grooving in the comfort of your own home. With three distinct and fitting drops within one track, Kayzo and Wuki have delivered an amazing collaboration which is up for a free download. 

“i know im sitting on a TON of music right now. i figured because you all of been so supportive, Wuki and i would give you this little banger in the meantime.” – Kayzo

Give the track a listen below!

Kayzo & Wuki – WAYZO | Free Download