In it’s 21st year, EDC Las Vegas was glitzier than ever and yet for the first time in many years the festival did not sell out. After several years the festival continued to be plagued by the same issues with traffic, shuttles, and heat exhaustion. It appears that Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella has had enough, and he’s previewing some major changes.

The comments game during a livestream from Pasquale Rotella. He plans to write a thorough explanation on his thoughts and the changes that are coming. EDC was under fire this year for monopolizing the shuttle services and banning outside companies, which ended up biting them in the rear when shuttle wait times were worse than ever. Could EDC move venues or add camping? This comment is also reviving everybody’s favorite EDC rumor: 2 weekends. Why 2 weekends if even 1 weekend isnt selling out now? The rumored idea would be to cap each weekend at a smaller capacity which would cut down on traffic, crowds, lines, and people to be watched by the medical team. In all likelihood we’re looking at a date change to a cooler month. All we know is we’ll get an idea about these changes soon enough.

UPDATE: Pasquale Speaks officially

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Pasquale’s comments on an Instagram livestream.