Eric Prydz Behind the Scenes of EPIC 5.0

EPIC 5.0

Eric PrydzEPIC 5.0 is far more than just a DJ set. It’s one of the most technologically advanced audio-visual experiences anywhere on earth. While we still bask in the green everglow of EPIC 5.0, Eric’s team took Wired through the nitty gritty of how the show came together.

EPIC 5.0 features 600 laser beams and 10 million pixels of video. Production Manager, Mark Calvert, has worked with Prydz for 9 years and explained the amazing technology behind the spectacle. The front of the Steel Yard megastructure features a giant V-shaped video display of 2304 by 576 LED pixels. In front is a second display shaped as cube called the Vanish. This allows Prydz to appear inside the cube and stay visible while animations continue on the cube’s sides. There is one more screen in front of the cube which is a thin mesh, making it almost invisible. This is where the holograms are displayed, by having 4 laser projectors cast designs onto the mesh.

The VJ, Liam Tomaszewski, explains that there is an entire team working behind the scenes to display Eric’s amazing visual show in realtime. While there are choreographed sections for many tracks, the order of the tracks is up to Eric and so the team must stay ready for whatever comes at them.

You can read even more about the EPIC 5.0 marvel over at Wired.