Electric Forest Confirms ‘Severed Finger’ Case Was A Hoax

electric forest

electric forest

Held every year in Michigan, Electric Forest is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most diverse festivals in the US. While it encompasses all the dance music genres/sub-genres, it exhibits a breath-taking jungle like tranquil setting as well.

Despite not being known for its controversies, this year was a little shaky on that note. Post first weekend of this eight day event there was a puzzling photo of a severed finger which did rounds on social media platforms including Reddit and Snapchat. Visually, this finger looked horrid yet realistic. It had blood smeared over it to go with a painted nail and was spotted during the camp clean-ups. Fortunately, to everyone’s relief the case of the ‘severed finger’ didn’t live up and it turned out to be a hoax.

Electric Forest released a cheeky statement following the rumor calming everyone down.

The Festival also stated that it was not a real finger and that this was confirmed by The Michigan State Police after their investigation.

Looks like we ought to weigh things out before we buy them.