Detroit Nightlife Detroit is known to be the birth city of techno. But in a 6.5 Billion dollar EDM industry, how much does Detroit get back? According to Underground Resistance label manager, Cornelius Harris, very little. In response to this, several talented artists and managers are hoping to make Detroit a hub for techno.

With unexposed artists and talent, Detroit has the opportunity to build one of the best night-life experiences in the United States. This group of artists and affiliates are seeking that Mayor Duggan loosen restrictions around nightlife. In Detroit, and in many cities in the United States bars close at 2:00 am. Changing that to 4:00 am would allow longer bar activity, more revenue for the club, and of course more partying. Mayor Duggan responded stating:

 “I don’t have any problem with it, I was supportive of the 4 a.m. bar activity…We need to do it in a way that’s sensitive to neighbors and the like, but I think if we plan it together we can do it.”

Furthermore, considering that Detroit is barley getting back on its feet after going bankrupt in 2014, new revenue streams from such a lucrative industry would not hurt. Apart from growing the nightlife, Detroit has the opportunity of helping local artists and lifting the well-known underdeveloped areas. It is essential that the birthplace of techno lives up to what it should be.