Deadmau5 Plans to Release Music as Testpilot


Last month, Deadmau5 performed under his new moniker, Testpilot, for the very first time at Movement festival. On Tuesday, the producer took to Twitter to announce his plans to possibly release some music under the new alias.

Although the debut set at Movement suffered some technical difficulties due to weather, it was still well-received. To make up for the technical difficulties, Deadmau5 re-recorded the set and played it in full quality on his BBCR1 Residency giving fans the full audio. One of the tracks included was a new Testpilot track titled ‘Headroom‘ that he had previously teased on Instagram.

Deadmau5 gave some much needed information in regards to potential releases in a tweet from Tuesday. In it he stated that he will probably release some of his “less mainstreamy shit” under the Testpilot moniker. He also added that Testpilot is more about the music and artists he’s playing, rather than his own music.

Check out the tweets below and stay tuned for some Testpilot music hopefully coming soon.