BREAKING: 80K Evacuated from German Festival Due to Terrorist Threat


File this one under nightmare festival scenarios. In the wake of Manchester, the live music industry is reasonably on edge for terror attacks. Today, a German Rock music festival has been forced to evacuate the entire festival for a potential terrorist threat.

The Rock am Ring festival is one of the largest in Germany and the world with a combined attendance of over 150,000 people in 2007. It has been reported that around 80,000 would have to be evacuated from the site. Imagine being in the middle of a bustling music festival and having the entire event evacuated due to a terrorist threat.

Police said that “concrete leads” forced the cancellation and the festival runs until Sunday. The festival aims to return tomorrow and is cooperating with local police. Let’s hope this was a false alarm and the festival can continue on, along with many others this summer.