Xan Griffin ft. WILD – Gemini

Gemini Xan GriffinXan Griffin ft. WILD – Gemini

We can now add another “Gemini” to the repertoire of feel-good electronic jams of the same name. 16 year old wunderkind Xan Griffin and WILD‘s version is a beautiful and melodic piece of work that is capable of sending chills up your spine.

The song is reminiscent of the general feel-good Porter vibes, but Xan does wonders in crafting a narrative that holds a theme about redemption. The piano intro creates the calm atmosphere but the passionate vocals and winding synths soon take the song over the edge from solemn to absolutely blissful; the drop is something else too. This track is incredibly moving and made me feel things I haven’t felt for a song in a long while. If you’re into good vibes, take a listen below. Keep a close eye on this project as Xan continues to roll out additional singles this year.

Xan Griffin ft. WILD – Gemini | Free Download