UPDATED: Ultra Europe Sued Over Trademark and Potential Fraud

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UPDATE: Ultra Responds

Since its inaugural edition in 2013, ULTRA Europe™ has been hosted every year on the idyllic Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Thousands of passionate music lovers from all over the world attend the festival each year at the Poljud Stadium, and it has become the largest electronic music festival in Croatia.

For the 5th anniversary of ULTRA Europe™, we at ULTRA Worldwide™, in conjunction with our distinguished local partners, have taken important steps to ensure that the 2017 event is a celebration consistent with the high standards that the ULTRA Worldwide™ brand demands.

Attendees can continue to look forward to this year’s event and future ULTRA-branded events in Croatia for years to come. In the coming days, we will be unveiling the 2017 ULTRA Europe™ lineup and more exciting details about this year’s event. We extend our gratitude to our fans and to the artists, local authorities, partners and others who offer their enduring support for ULTRA Europe™.


Ultras parent company “Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc” may be in some hot water due to a recent legal battle. Ultra has been around since about 1999 and has expanded its brands far beyond Miami. Today Ultra stretches across Europe, Asia, South America and many more places. Building a business like this takes a lot of communication and connections with people and other companies all over the world. One event they started was Ultra Europe, but they are not in a major dispute with a Crotian based promoter who ran the operations for that offshoot festival. When Ultra started Ultra Europe they contacted a promoter in Croatia called Adria MM Productions to help them promote and brand their festivals. The contract allowed Adria MM Productions to borrow the Ultra Europe name/ While the festival was called Ultra Europe, it was actually Adria MM Productions putting on the festival.

The 2 made a deal to work together but now AMM Productions claims they were taken advantage of through an extremely unfavorable contract which progressively got worse to the point that made the events unprofitable for AMM. They also claim although they initially had control of the event, Ultra eventually sought to take away any and all control from AMM, such as vendor selection.

Then in the course of the dispute and ensuing battle, MM Productions discovered that Ultra allegedly did not actually own the trademark for Ultra Europe at all. So now Ultra is being sued for fraud in allegedly misrepresenting that it owned the trademark for Ultra Europe when it did not.

If true this could be bad news for the Worldwide Entertainment Group. AMM is filing a lawsuit for compensatory damages. For more info check out the article here.