Mura Masa ft. Desiigner – All Around The World

Mura Masa Desiigner

Mura Masa ft. Desiigner – All Around the World

Mura Masa has teamed up with rapper Desiigner to bring us a new track off his upcoming self-titled debut album. The track is an ode to Mura Masa’s genre-bending style of production. The track infuses elements of both rap and electronic music to create a chill perfectly-put together sound. Desiigner lends his soft vocals to the song, rapping with usual flair, but bringing it back to the chorus with some actual singing. The relaxed vocals actually work well to create a melodic sound.

Mura Masa’s highly-anticipated album drops July 14, but you can get a feel of whats to come by listening below to ‘All Around the World.’

Mura Masa ft. Desiigner- All Around the World | Download