Fyre Festival aims to sue patrons who compared the grounds to a “refugee camp”
The Fyre Festival catastrophe doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Earlier this week, we reported that the disastrous festival is currently facing a $100 million lawsuit. The festival’s lawyers have now responded by potentially filing lawsuits of their own against festival attendees.

As advertised, attendees anticipated luxurious cabanas for their stay throughout the festival. However, upon arrival on the island, many were disappointed to see that their “cabanas” more similarly resembled emergency relief tents. So, they decided to share the letdown on their social media platforms.

According to TMZ, Fyre Festival’s lawyers have sent out at least one cease and desist letter to a festival attendee who publicly compared the festival grounds to a refugee camp on his social media. The letters stated that by comparing the conditions of the festival to that of a refugee camp could “incite violence, rioting or civil unrest” and “If someone innocent does get hurt as a result [of your postings] Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible… Inciting violence crosses the line.”

Be sure to stay tuned as the aftermath of the catastrophic Fyre Festival episode continues to unravel.