Flying Lotus – Twin Peaks

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus – Twin Peaks

The cult classic television show Twin Peaks is set to make its return this Sunday. The show’s return has brought excitement to all of its current fans and has caught the interest of potential watchers. The show last aired over 25 years ago yet it is still considered a phenomenal series by many. The show also boasted a Grammy winning theme song composed by Angelo Badalamenti

As the air date approaches, Flying Lotus took it upon himself to provide a remix to the shows theme. The track carries the haunting yet peaceful feel of Badalamenti’s version while also having the added hip-hop flare of a Flying Lotus track. The eeriness of Badalamenti’s work goes hand in hand with FlyLo’s style. Hopefully we’ll get to see this new version in the upcoming revival of the series.

Check out the track below and more of Flying Lotus’ work here.

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