First Ever Las Vegas Dirtybird BBQ Was A Success

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorIf you’re a fan of Dirtybird, you know that the Dirtybird BBQ is an event that fans anxiously wait for all year round. House music, BBQ made by Grill$on, and casually hanging out with your favorite DJ’s is a carefully curated experience that has evolved into something so great over the years. The Dirtybird BBQ is a long time tradition that started out as a small annual gathering San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park around 2003 and has evolved into an instantly sold-out event hosting hundreds of people.

Normally the tour circuit hits a small handful of cities every year. However, the runners of the mini-festival decided to let the fans vote where the next BBQ should take place this summer. Over the course of several months, a poll was held to let fans choose what city should host the next BBQ. Low and behold, Las Vegas was the winner. It took place at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center in a beautiful outdoor venue adjacent to the classic Vegas hotel The Golden Nugget. Needless to say, it was a complete Dirtybird takeover.

The Set Up:

As I walked in I was welcomed with the booming sounds of opener Dateless and a big sign that imitated the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign swapped out with “Welcome to Dirtybird BBQ”. When I scanned my tickets, I was immediately greeted by little vendors selling beer, water, and sunscreen. To my left was a long line of food vendors, merch, and more beer, but the real treat was the big pool and line of attached cabanas to the right. That’s right, a pool- or better known as “The Bird Bath”. For only $1 you can keep cool swimming all day as you watched your favorite artists play in the beating Vegas heat. On top of that, if you bought a cabana, you got bottle service with your own server, shade, and fresh towels. How more VIP can it get? There was a store full of necessities right next to the pool stocked with bathing suits, floaties, towels, sunscreen, and more. Not to mention it was reasonably priced- I was desperate to get into the pool so I went in expecting to purchase a bathing suit and a fun little floaty for $40+ when it only cost $20. The bathrooms were right next to the store and I was so relieved when I didn’t see porta potties. They were actual bathrooms that were air continued and kept fully stocked throughout the day. It’s little things like that which make festivals more enjoyable on the logistical side of things.

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As night time took over, the lights of Vegas illuminated the atmosphere and reminded me where I was. I was having so much fun and was occupied with everything and everyone surrounding me I finally looked up to realize that I was in the heart of Sin City. The DJ’s that I have seen so many times looked oh so good on that giant stage they more than deserve to be on.

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The Music:

The lineup was top notch Dirtybird talent that consisted of Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Shiba San, Ciszak, and Dateless. The music went from 1:45-12am which is much longer than the BBQs I’ve been to in the past.

The day started with Dateless, welcoming in excited fans as they ran in ready to explore the giant playground that lie ahead of them. As the sun beat down and fans gathered around the sprinkler tables or lined up for the pool, theres was no lack of dancing anywhere you looked. Then, Eats Everything played a sunset set, and it could not have been a more perfect way to welcome the night air. After that, Brazil’s own Ciszak took the stage and the vibe turned up even more when he dropped his intoxicating Dirtybird BBQ Secret Ingredients track ‘Vanilla Cream‘.

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To kick off the night, French fan favorite Shiba San walked onto the stage. He played all of his hits as well as some new tracks that the crowd ate up as he dropped them one by one. He never fails to put on a fun show despite his mysteriously quiet stage presence. Then, Justin Martin came on. Every time this man plays I feel as if he is speaking directly to me. His set was so diverse with each track being so distinct yet flowing so perfectly into each other. By this time of night, I had kicked my flip flops off and danced the night away in the warm night breeze that took me right into Claude’s closing set. As always, the head bird knows how to connect with the Dirtybird fans and sent us home with some serious feels.

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The Dirtybird BBQ went from one turntable, a small BBQ, and a few good friends in a park to a massive event in Downtown Las Vegas. This was a day that exceeded any expectations, shedding a new light on Dirtybird’s success as a widely praised collective of DJ’s and adoring fans. As I left the illuminated venue I had spent such a beautiful day in, my heart overflowed with love and joy for the Dirtybird family I am so proud to be apart of.