Excision Announces More News About His Own Festival


To all the true headbangers out there, you knew this was coming and you’ve known it for a while- Excision is putting together his own music festival. The beloved dubstep artist is slowly leaking more information but Jeff Abel has been keeping great communication with his loyal fan base.Excision Headbangers Facebook Group

In this Facebook post, he shows how passionate and concerned he is for the best experience for his fan base. This alone tells me that he’s thinking outside the box. I can’t remember the last time a festival organizer asked me what I wanted from a festival.

The festival is set to take place this year around September. From past projects like his mind blowing Paradox Tour to his annual Shambhala mixes to the creation of Destroid, there’s no telling how amazing this festival will be. Expectations are high but who are we kidding, Jeff Abel always puts on a great show. Listen to his latest album Virus below to see his latest work.