Does DJ Snake’s Last Snapchat Explain His Disappearance?

dj snake

DJ Snake‘s supposed disappearance is the biggest dance music news of the moment, and the mystery surrounding it continues to deepen. All we know is he cancelled a set at Hangout Fest and also deleted his Twitter and Instagram pages. His Facebook page remains up and running, but all we have to go off of is one “final” snapchat post.

It reads “You’ve disappointed me” in French, adding a new layer of intrigue to the story. Could this be related to that pending lawsuit for “Turn Down for What”? Other producers in the scene are wondering what’s going on as well. Could this be some big publicity stunt? DJ Snake is scheduled to perform at Encore in Las Vegas on May 26, but then his schedule is wide open until June 30 and then Electric Forest. Stay tuned for updates.