The Chainsmokers Crash A High School Prom

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A local Chicago high school got a big surprise when The Chainsmokers crashed their prom before an arena show they had that same night a few miles down the road. Huntley High School is conveniently located in a suburb that the DJ duo saw fit to crash before they performed an arena show that same night.

Principal Scott Rowe released a statement saying that the performance was secretly arranged by a student who emailed a representative of the band knowing that they would be performing in such close proximity to the school. “Initially, he was disappointed he would not be able to go to the concert,” Rowe commented about the student. “It was one of the most difficult secrets I’ve kept because I knew the kids were going to go berserk for it. It definitely set the tone for the best prom I’ve ever been to.”

Check out a video of the surprise prom performance below!