Paul Oakenfold DJs Highest Party on Earth

paul oakenfold

DJs and event curators are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries to create a unique experience to enjoy music in. Whether it be music on a cruise ship, a beach, in the mountains or the desert, the landscape can add something exciting to performances. After planning for nearly two years, Paul Oakenfold has just finished performing a set 17,600 ft up in the mounrains.

Mount Everest Base Camp was the setting for this most recent endeavor, where beautiful snow capped ridges spanned as far as the eye can see. It is the first performance in his SoundTrek project in which he plans on “taking electronic dance music to many of the planet’s most remote and challenging locations.” But not only is he performing for a good party story. He is also “raising awareness of environment matters and interacting with local cultures and charities, raising funds along the way.”

It took 10 days to reach the base camp with sound equipment in hand, but was well worth the trek. This performance will go down as a monumental moment in dance music history. You can watch a snippet of the set on Paul Oakenfold’s Facebook and keep an eye out for the full recording from the highest party on earth.