Madeon Gives Us His Own Version of ‘Shelter’


Fans of ‘Shelter’, rejoice! While playing a DJ set at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle,  Madeon dropped a version of Shelter with his own little twist on it. The new version of the track begins with a slower pace, though it is the same indistinguishable intro as the original. As the suspense builds, the beat eventually comes to fruition and the crowd goes insane as they hear a version of ‘Shelter’ no one expected. This version carries a lot more grit and completely changes the feeling of the song. The levity of the original is exchanged for a much heavier tone that is reminiscent of the style that REZZ or K?d brings to their music. 

Madeon making his own remix of Shelter fits in perfectly with the whole concept of the ‘Shelter’ Tour, as it is a culmination of both Porter Robinson and Madeon’s work. It’s a way for them to show their appreciation through their own renditions of each other’s music. If you’ve gone back and watched or listened to different recordings of the live show, you know that each one is slightly different. The show has evolved as they continue to tour, so why not make changes to the song that started it all?

The first of their final two tour dates at Coachella happens this Sunday. We can only hope that they have something special up their sleeve for their final show. The show will be streaming on Coachella’s YouTube channel here at 7:00 p.m. PST.