Getter Reps New Rap Alias Terror Reid

GetterGetter Reps New Rap Alias Terror Reid

We all know Getter as the Cali DJ that produced a number of electronic hits and a series of funny Vine videos that went viral. Nowadays, he’s hitting the rap game under the alias Terror Reid. The hooded figure’s identity was never a mystery and the tattoos were a dead giveaway. It’s a difficult genre to take on but this DJ is spitting fire in a new track and music video called ‘Uppercut’. The track is set to be released on April 7.
His new rap label, Shred Collective, is killing it with his debut release ‘Inhalant Abuse’. Both tracks beat whatever you expected and he’s bringing it back to a classic hip hop tone. Visit the surfer-themed website to learn more about the new label. Watch the new video below and get shook with these heavy beats.