Essential Porter Robinson

essential porter robinson

We are kicking off a new feature series here at EDMTunes with a simple premise: If you were introducing your friend to an artist for the first time what tracks, live sets, and mixes would they absolutely have to listen to? We asked our writers to trace an artists musical evolution and hit their highest notes performance wise and come back with the essential listening material. We’re kicking off the series with one of EDMTunes’ favorites artists, Porter Robinson. In no particular order, here is the Essential Porter Robinson guide.


Spitfire is an important track in Porter Robinson’s career because it was the title track off his debut EP that released on OWSLA all the way back in 2011. This was the track and EP that truly launched his career and lead him down the path to Worlds.

2M83 – Echoes of Mine (Porter Robinson Edit)

This was the epic intro for many older Porter Robinson sets and you can see how the sound previewed the vibes that Porter achieved in his Worlds show. This edit was never released and he doesn’t play it anymore unfortunately.

3Live @ Global Gatherin Korea: 2013

This is probably the last “Old Porter” liveset you can find online….and it’s 90 minutes. Absolutely epic!

4BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: 2014

This mix was before the onset of Worlds. The mix was essentially the preview for what was to come and felt like the transition into his new sound.

5Sad Machine

One of our writers first started following Porter Robinson and Madeon’s work after hearing this track.

6Live @ Coachella Weekend 1: 2015

It was one of his best performances on the Worlds tour with a true mastering of how to create a story out of both audio and visual elements. It took a bit of old Porter intermingled with new Porter and completely knocked the audience out of the water – one of the most breathtaking and memorable sets you’ll see.

7Madeon & Porter Robinson – Shelter Live

Seeing him on stage with his long time friend and peer Madeon was something special. You could feel the chemistry between the two. He has pretty much perfected the craft of live sets. It was also a chance to see his take on Madeon’s music after a period of not making any new music.