Anniversary iPhone Crams Bigger Screen in Smaller Body

anniversary iphone


Apple Has Big Plans For This Year

After 3 ho-hum years, Apple finally has big plans for this year’s Anniversary iPhone aka iPhone 8 release. The difference is that this year is the 10th anniversary of its debut back in 2007. Apple plans on revealing three different iPhone models as early as this fall according to Bloomberg TechnologyTwo of the phones will be the regularly scheduled upgraded and updated versions of the current model. It’s the third one that has everyone interested as it is supposedly going to be slightly reminiscent of the original iPhone design.


Rather than keep with the current design, it is speculated that the anniversary phone will be different. The phone is planned to call back to the original iPhone design by having a curved back. This might not come to fruition because of difficulty in finding suppliers of curved glass. Another point of interest is the apparent decision to make the screen larger than the iPhone 7 Plus while keeping the overall size closer to the iPhone 7. This will be accomplished by integrating the home button into the screen itself instead of below. The phone will also sport an OLED screen created by Samsung Display Co. Apple has reportedly purchased around 100 million OLED panels from Samsung in preparation for the new phone.

Apple tends to deliver innovations that everyone can get behind. With this big release coming up, we can only hope that they stay consistent. The decision to release this new design in addition to the two other familiar designs is a smart one. If it ends up being a flop they could always fall back on the updated version of the current iPhone 7.

You can find more information from Bloomberg Technology here