fifth harmony2017 has been an extremely busy year for Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. Between his Grammy nominations, rejoining his emo roots band From First to Last, and collaborating on an Incubus track, he is refusing to settle down in any one genre or musical world.  Now, another project may be in the works, as hinted at over his Snapchat story. Sonny was seen sporting the famous flower crown filter with the girls of Fifth Harmony last week. With singer Camila Capello leaving the girl band last year, maybe Skrillex is the replacement they’ve been looking for.

The imagination runs wild when you think about what could come out of a Skrillex and Fifth Harmony track…sassy vocals over some dirty dubstep? Sounds like something we might like. While there haven’t been any official announcements yet, knowing Sonny and his willingness to collaborate on many different artists tracks, we can expect this possibility to become reality in the near future.  Spreading himself over multiple genres, Sonny is staying innovative in ways that will only increase his already apparent production talent.