Skrillex Collaborates With Spoon On Their Upcoming Album

The well-known rock band Spoon is confirmed to have had a collaborative music session with the widely popular electronic music duo Jack Ü. What was supposed to be a quick meeting with Diplo to punch up their funk-heavy track ‘Can I Sit Next to You‘ off their new forthcoming album Hot Thoughts turned into a prolonged jam-session with Skrillex. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Spoon’s keyboard/guitarist, Alex Fischel recounted the experience with Skrillex as such:

“There was one point where the computer glitched out and he just yanked out the audio interface and just kept going on another machine. And all of a sudden, he just goes, ‘Bah! Bah!’ just sampling his voice into the laptop microphone and he made a melody with that. It was like he had tourette’s or something.”

Over the years, Spoon has progressively gotten increasingly more creative and progressive with their tunes. It comes as no surprise that founding band member Britt Daniel’s greatest inspirations are none other than Bowie and Prince- he praises their artistic ability to transform ordinary genre classics into eclectic and creative hybrids. Experimenting with new sounds is nothing new to the rock band, in fact, it’s almost expected from them. So Skrillex seems like a perfect fit granted his long track record of musical collabs.

The Skrillex/Spoon collab track has yet to be released, so from here on out it’s a waiting game. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Spoon or Skrillex fan, something everyone can appreciate is the multi-genre collaboration they have going on.